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Recruitment and Training

Talent Recruitment
• Eliminate the 15% to 30% salary fee characteristic of staffing agencies and gain significant value from our economies of scale on numerous recruiting tasks. You select only the services you want from our complete line of pre-recruitment, recruitment and post-recruitment offerings that cover everything from candidate sourcing and pre-screening to hard-to-fill positions and background checks.
• This economical on-demand solution of key recruiting tasks is ideal if your primary focus is to recruit for entry level, customer service and administrative positions. This valuable solution will save you time by screening through all the resumes and reduce your job advertising costs.
• Make sure the person you’re hiring is indeed the candidate you interviewed with our background screening service. Our team will save you valuable time and money by contacting references, verifying qualifications plus other key information the candidate provided during the interview.
Staffing solutions
• Safeguard your productivity and bottom line by consulting with our recruiting experts to map out a plan to manage seasonal fluctuations/hiring cycles and respond to unexpected staffing needs with term, direct placement and contract professionals.

Our recruiters are experts in executive recruiting for a variety of complex industries, including marketing services, eCommerce, financial services, credit & collections, consumer/commercial data information, BPO services, software, mortgage servicing, and real estate information services. By combining our years of experience with a consultative approach that helps clients focus their recruitment efforts towards the fastest and best possible results, we maintain a unique level of high quality in the candidates we bring to the table. Breathtaking is staffed by experienced recruiting specialists who understand your requirements immediately and use their knowledge to help you structure the right opportunities and find the right candidates. We are committed to partnering with you to help define requirements and efficiently source the right people for the positions .

Exceptional Customer Experiences
Our first priority is to provide consistently superior customer service. This may sound typical, however, we have built an employee environment that lends itself to stability, integrity and long-termthinking.We care about our customers and will do whatever it takes to deliver consistently high-quality service in the shortest possible timeframes. By providing a stable career environment accompanied by continual learning and growth, our employee culture is the basis for providing consistently exceptional customer experiences.

Human resources management
Outsourced staff services -Contracted staff management,casual staff management a) Recruitment and selection
• Identifying Vacancy and Evaluating Need
• Developing Position Description
• Developing Recruitment Plan
• Selecting Search Committee
• Posting Position and Implementing Recruitment Plan
• Reviewing Applicants and Developing Short List
• Conducting Interviews
• Selecting Hire
• Finalizing Recruitment
b) Training
c) Career guidance
d) CV writing
e) Pay roll processing
f) Performance management
g) Psychometric ,Aptitude tests
h) Head Hunting
i) Business management/ coaching
j) Finance consultancy
k) Management consultancy
l) Mentorship
m) Advertising
n) Outsourcing
o) Event and Conference Management Services
p) Company registration
q) Professional CV writing
A CV is a marketing tool in which you are marketing yourself. You need to "sell" your skills, abilities, qualifications and experience to employers in the best and right way. r) You have applied for thousands jobs and you have not been called for an interview? Are you confident that you have all the qualifications for the job you've applied for, but the translation of your talents, skills and accomplishments may not have been well represented in your CV? Your CV could be the problem. s) Cover letter
Cover letter is a constant companion of a CV. Every time you send out your CV you must also enclose your cover letter. It gives the employer a favorable and lasting impression about you. We provide these services at an affordable rates, contact us .

We training on the following:
• Performance and management training
• Corporate trainings
• Personal brand
• Credit management
• CV writing
• Project Management/ Research projects
• Leadership Development
• Proposal writing