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About Breathtaking International Consultancy

Breathtaking International Consultancy is a full service management consultancy offering focused expertise in human resource management , business management and consultancy services locally and abroad. we specialize in simplifying your life by delivering comprehensive, worry-free human resource management solutions with a personal touch, allowing you to focus on the mission-critical things you do best. Breathtaking Consultants provides a service and access to qualified professionals who aren’t “looking” but want to be “found”. We perform executive recruiting and contract staffing on a national level for companies that provide complex integrated services and solutions. We have positively transformed organizations through quality training, research and consultancy services.

To be the premier human resource, management ,and business consultancy firm in Africa offering world class solutions and services.

To provide and improve management and leadership in organizations and businesses through provision of efficient , effective ,innovative and best human resource ,management and business consulting services.

Motto: consultancy at its best

Talent Management
Organisations who want to identify, nurture and retain superior talent are quickly recognising the benefits of having a structured talent management strategy in place. We offer a tailored approach, working with you to devise appropriate programmes/processes for identifying and developing potential within your organisation, equipping the leaders of the future with the necessary skills, and identifying skills or knowledge gaps which need to be brought into the organisation to facilitate continued growth.

Performance Management
Effective performance management is all about engaging your staff in the achievement of your strategic goals. We work with diverse businesses to help them achieve their organisational objectives through effective performance management – i.e. systems based on the development of a clear business vision, communicated to staff, linked to transparent and measurable objectives and which facilitate learning and development.

Leadership Development
Our consultants have extensive experience of challenging, supporting and developing managers and leaders to enable them to fulfil their potential, inspire increased productivity and commitment in their teams, and to drive their organisation forward to achieve strategic objectives. Whilst we use academic theory and best practice models to underpin our activities, our focus is on connecting learning directly to the business environment, using the concept of action learning and developing interventions which have real practical value and bring about significant change and business benefits.

Our Values
Breathtaking International Consultancy focuses on providing clients with the highest return on investment in leadership, developing committed client relationships and exceeding expectations by working to six key operating principles:

  • Integrity: The world's hardest currency.
  • Client focus: The reflection of Excellence.
  • Innovation: A continual pursuit of knowledge.
  • Teamwork: The measure of a partnership.
  • Network: Local Expertise, global reach.
  • Culture Fit: The essence of executive success.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. To represent our human resource management credentials, qualifications, experiences, and abilities fairly, accurately, and non-deceptively in all communications and advertisement.
  2. To accept only engagements for which we are qualified.
  3. To serve our clients with honesty, integrity, loyalty, competence, and objectivity.
  4. To honor relevant non-compete and confidentiality agreements and to disclose to our clients any situations that we believe might create a personal or organizational conflict of interest for us in accepting or completing an assignment
  5. To keep client information and records of client engagements confidential, and to use proprietary client information only as permitted and with the client's permission.
  6. To charge fees and expenses that are fair, reasonable, and legitimate.
  7. To keep informed of, understand, and uphold all relevant laws and regulations relating to human resources, management and our consulting activities.
  8. To comply with all copyright laws, and to use proprietary information or methodologies only with permission

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